Welcome to the travelogue of our RV trip for the fall of 2022.
Primary Destination: Glacier National Park.

It was a 5-week trip through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon and the High Sierras in California.

This was our fifth long trip in our 'coach,' a 30-foot Class A motorhome (an FR3 30DS by Forest River). As on previous long trips, Ann kept a journal during the trip, and has adapted it to the content you’ll find here.

We’ve selected 175 of our photos for sharing. We’ve broken it down into four albums/sections of 40-50 photos each. Each section contains photos from part of the trip, along with passages from the journal.

This is Part 1, covering the trip prior to arriving at Glacier National Park in Montana. This first week was just about getting to Glacier quickly, and was a series of one-night stops, with the exception of Provo, UT where there was a nice bike path to ride, weather permitting.